Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Monday, 19 July 2010

To The Cross we gaze/Yes Jesus Loves Us (working title)

So I've been working on this song for about 3+months. I've tried to really step up my game in terms of content and hopefully am making progress with it. As you may notice the chorus is inspired by the classic song "Yes Jesus loves me" and hopefully it fits the rest of the song. The last line of the chorus has been a struggle and I'm still trying to think of something that has a real hook to it. For all the times of frustration and feeling like I'm hitting a brick wall, I absolutely love writing songs and I like how the song is taking form. This blog has no real reason to it, I'm just sharing my journey! Maybe this song may be heard soon by those who are RFCers... For my limited readership, if you have any ideas or thoughts I'm always happy for comments


Verse 1:
To the cross we gaze in wonder
All our stains washed by His blood
Crushed and broken, bruised and beaten
By His stripes we have been healed 
The cross before us, sin behind us
Mercy poured incessantly
Love we don’t deserve has found us
Grace now overwhelms our souls

Yes Jesus loves us
Yes Jesus loves us
Yes Jesus loves us
*possible line* - By grace we have been saved/Hallelujah for the cross/Hallelujah we are saved…

Verse 2:
Father’s love shines through the Saviour/ Father turns His face in sorrow
Son of God died once for all
In the grave His body lay there
But the grave would not prevail
Up He rose, in glorious splendour
Spirit raised Him from the dead
It is finished, He has conquered
Death O where now is Your sting

Verse 3:
Rugged cross we boldly cling to
Boast of only Jesus Christ
Heaven beckons for we’re ransomed
We are His and He is ours
One day we will see our Saviour
Face to face, He’ll call our names
But for now His work, our mission
Tell the lost of saving grace