Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Matt Redman's new album

Short story... Matt Redman's new album is almost out. Love the song "You alone can Rescue" hopefully will be an epic album! Quite a few albums coming out soon actually... Ben Cantelon's, Hillsong... better get saving the £s..

check it out here


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Love the Church Weekend

For those who didn't get a chance to attend the brilliant Love the Church day, Bish has summarised what we went through on his blog


Was really encouraging and also challenging. If you get a chance listen to the talks which i believe will be uploaded here


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

"So it's a game of pong you want..."

Unsurprisingly my blogging has become less frequent as a result of finishing exams! Anyways here are 2 things that caught my magpie-esque eyes (not cause they're shiny just in the fact i randomly find things...)

Firstly empire have listed what they think are the 100 greatest ever computer games. Being a modern child i grew up with games such as Sonic and so this is a interestingly little list (though it also reveals my dark geeky underbelly but i'm not going to worry about that...)
Quite fun to have a quick look through and potentially gasp at the different rankings..


Secondly one of my favourite artists (loose term) Banksy has in secret redone the Bristol Museum. Now i understand that some people dislke/hate his work but i think the man is a genius. I may try to visit Bristol sometime soon to view this exhibit...

check out some pictures

I'll probably come up with something of greater interest soon, reading a brilliant book on unanswered prayer at the moment but i'll finish it before giving people the "lowdown"

Monday, 1 June 2009

Highlights from the past few weeks

Haven't had a chance to blog recently due to a rather full couple of weeks

Highlights include

1. JJ and the J's making our full debut at the Jazz club - awesome time, the boys were amazing! couldn't have asked for a better band!

2. Random birthday parties - including lots of brilliant dancing...(for all different sorts of reasons)

3. Songwriting session at Reading Fam - great time to start the creative juices flowing as we try and encourage new songs from within the church

4. Finishing exams and getting my dissertation proposal done - obvious why this is a highlight

5. New song (Rescued) getting played a church - i always find it so amazing when a random song idea floating in my head gets turned into something of use, what a privilege it is to serve at such a brilliant church!

6. Front Edge at church - people got saved, people got healed, couldn't ask for more, what an awesome God!

7. Friends - i thank God for surrounding me with people who support me, challenge me, love me and generally are a blessing to me!

8. Finally getting to just sit in the sun and read my book and reflect on my life