Monday, 1 June 2009

Highlights from the past few weeks

Haven't had a chance to blog recently due to a rather full couple of weeks

Highlights include

1. JJ and the J's making our full debut at the Jazz club - awesome time, the boys were amazing! couldn't have asked for a better band!

2. Random birthday parties - including lots of brilliant dancing...(for all different sorts of reasons)

3. Songwriting session at Reading Fam - great time to start the creative juices flowing as we try and encourage new songs from within the church

4. Finishing exams and getting my dissertation proposal done - obvious why this is a highlight

5. New song (Rescued) getting played a church - i always find it so amazing when a random song idea floating in my head gets turned into something of use, what a privilege it is to serve at such a brilliant church!

6. Front Edge at church - people got saved, people got healed, couldn't ask for more, what an awesome God!

7. Friends - i thank God for surrounding me with people who support me, challenge me, love me and generally are a blessing to me!

8. Finally getting to just sit in the sun and read my book and reflect on my life


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