Monday, 9 March 2009

Spotify this...

I was introduced into the wonderful world of Spotify last week. It's an ingenious little application which essentially gives you free music and is paid for by advertising. It has a pretty large selection of music (though if you're into 18th century Czech violinists you may be disappointed) and all that you may have to bear every couple of songs is a 30sec advert break for some other band. To me thats a price definitely worth paying for listening to all the music i've always wanted to and sadly lack the necessary funds to buy the albums! Essentially brilliant

pick it up here -

not much else has happened... good fun day on sunday. Another excellent talk to do with Jesus money and me by Sean. Been really challenged by it all seeing as i've been the type of person that buys first and thinks later.

Church was followed by our cell descending on the Greens house which was brilliant fun and culminated in a very competitive session of washing machine throwing and melon bashing (wii game for those who may be slightly worried by the thought of us chucking washing machines around) and Betts didnt manage to beat any of my scores! how satisfying! :P the day was rounded off by watching Last King of Scotland which was great apart from some interesting scenes (meat hooks at the end :S those who've seen it know what im talking bout...)

Verse of the day that speaks to me: Isaiah 43:18-19, brilliant!

Riteo, it's off to work i go!

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