Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The wait is almost over (for the new EPL season to start...)

In a week and a bit the football season shall return and there shall be a big smile on my face. The World cup in my mind was a disappointment on many levels, and so the beginning of the new season can't come quick enough. Once again I'm brimming with optimism for my beloved Arsenal despite a lack of stand out signings or that fact that as always we're being written off as challengers before the first ball has been kicked.

 I agree that we lack some squad depth but I don't see us as miles off the rapidly ageing Chelsea team, an Man Utd team that in my mind may struggle (over reliance on Rooney? Ferdinand permanently injured? etc..) and Liverpool... well enough said. Though I agree Man City have improved vastly, their new signings aren't much of an improvement over their current squad (David Silva aside, he is world class), I don't see them overtaking us. Spurs well we'll see... I'm not sure they have the experience (or a manager experienced enough) to be able to sustain a title challenge/europe/various less important cups to be quite there yet (see Everton's ill fated attempted at Champions league in 2005/6 as a potential outcome for Spurs).

So then what of Arsenal? We lack a solid keeper, yes... We've lost a number of centre backs, yes... and our captain is being courted by everyone from Barcelona + their dog. Perhaps it's not the ideal situation for preparation for a new season, but then again we don't have the power to stop this ridiculous Spanish media farce unfortunately so we'll just have to live with it. I once held Barcelona in high regard, seeing them as like a second team, but this summer has meant any respect I had for the club has been left in the gutter along with their dignity as they show how to be the prime example of a class-less club.

Anyways rant over... we've added a solid big centre forward who should hopefully fill the void that Emmanuel  "delusions of grandeur" Adebayor left. We still need to add some more centre backs still due to the various departures of Sol Campbell, Senderos, Gallas and the bald headed one. New boy  Laurent Koscielny could turn out to be another Vermaelen but we'll wait and see. The only other new transfer rumour is that perhaps we're going to sign some 29yr old centre back from Montpellier... sounds and smells like Wenger so probably will happen.

I hope to see a new keeper added as well as a quality centre back/s. If possible another defensive midfielder could help ensure that if Song get's injured that we're covered though Frimpong has looked like he has potential in preseason. Whether this will happen is unlikely but i'll wait on the edge of my seat hoping on the last day of the transfer window.

On our day we can dismantle almost any team and we're consistently unlucky with injuries in my mind. If Van Persie can stay fit he's can reach the calibre of Torres/Rooney/Drogba, if Cesc stays and has the same desire as last season then he'll challenge for the title of best midfielder in the Premiership. The rising star of Wilshere could potentially breakout this season in the same way Ramsey was last season and could be a new weapon. There's definitely potential in the team. My heart tells me we can take the title but my head might point towards the many bitter disappointments of recent years.

 Below are 2 previews about Arsenal and I'm sure many more will come out soon

Welcome back (proper) football, I've missed you and wait expectantly for the classic highs and lows, sublime goals, ridiculous fouls, as well as everything in between!

(some highlights of last season... I have no idea what the music sounds like as I don't have the sound on so apologies if it's poor...)

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