Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Keep Singing Of The Cross

A video that still resonates with me is this one by C J Mahaney where he talks about why we sing so many songs about the cross

When it comes to song writing I try to write with a view of looking at whichever topic through the lens of the cross. For this song I've attempted to write a celebration song, where we're declaring the glory of our God and what He's done for us. I've had the line "Keep singing of the cross" in my head for a bit and a riff for the intro has emerged. Now it's just the hard work grafting of trying think of fresh ways of saying the important truths of the gospel, and not settling for cliched lyrics. These lyrics I have are not certain but at least I have a song shape! For those in Reading maybe you might hear it at somepoint... (or perhaps on the RFC Cd!)...

Keep Singing Of The Cross

Verse 1:
The cross of Christ
God's love displayed
Our Father made a way
Our sin and shame,
By/His grace erased
For Jesus came to save
Yes Jesus came to save

Now we'll keep singing of the cross
For God so loved us
He sent His Son that we might live
Yes we'll keep singing of the cross
Where grace restored us
It's all we'll boast of evermore

Verse 2
The law fulfilled, sin's cursed removed
We're one man now in Christ


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