Thursday, 23 June 2011

So long farewell, auf wiedersehen goodbye (london training base)

So yesterday was the final training block/day for the London training base. It's crazy how quickly this year has gone by and how the end is now very much in sight.

I still remember as we all shuffled in at the first training block, so many strange faces, awkward first conversations, sizing up each other and all that first time stuff that happens when you meet a whole new group of people. Over this year we've seen strong friendships form, seen highs and lows, done fun things together and generally just been one big happy FP family.

Brett got us doing various things throughout the day such as writing a letter to ourselves (quite a surreal experience), brainstorming what can be improved about the year, thinking about what advice we would give the future FPers. Stef Liston gave us a stirring talk on how to guard our tender regenerate hearts, and Pete Wood gave us a few hard hitting words... We ended the day worshipping God, thanking Him for what's He's done and fixing our eyes on Him as we walk towards what He has planned next for us...

It's been such a fantastic year, I've met some brilliant people who are going to do some amazing stuff for God, I'm sure of it, Brett has been a fantastic base leader who's honesty and openness has helped set the pace for us to do the same and generally he's just been amazing...

The next London Base Fpers are going to have a fantastic time and if anyone reading this is um-ing or er-ing about FP... just do it... you won't regret it!

p.s. we did a "most likely to" poll and apparently i'm the most likely to get a card from "Big Tezza" (aka Terry Virgo)... He forgot this year and i'll forgive him but i'm expecting one next year!

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