Friday, 16 March 2012

Hearing For The First Time...

Do you remember hearing the first time you breathed? Maybe the first time you heard a dog bark? Or even just the wind blowing? I can't and it's probably why i take my hearing for granted. The video above captures the moment a 29 year old womans hears for the first time... a radically life changing moment where suddenly the world is more vibrant and colourful than it used to be

This is what the woman Sarah Churman wrote afterwards on her blog:

 "Lady Gaga sounds horrible on the radio! Just sayin'. Sloan just kissed me good night...kisses sound all smacky like...weird." She adds: "As I sit here beating the keys on the keyboard (not really, it just sounds that way); Skittles the Lovebird has been chirping, it's so cute. :) I guess I'm keeping her up. Well, my hubby is in bed...guess I should join him. I'm thinking I'll leave the device on and listen to him snore. I have to be the only wife that's looking forward to that. God IS good. Thank you to everyone who has kept up with me on this journey...thanks for the prayers, support, etc. Can't wait to get up tomorrow and hear the girls' giggles."

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