Friday, 4 May 2012

Faith, Religion, Morals, Ethics

Some of you may have noticed the videos that are going round. These videos are 1-2mins long where a person gives their view on a topic. There are 6 people for each topic all going various view points.

Here are a few interesting topics (there's plenty more on the website)

Is abortion ever justified 
Are Christians the new persecuted 
What relevance do Jesus and His teachings have in todays Britain 
How Racist Are We?
Is Faith A Remedy For Depression 
Is Homosexuality A Sin 

It's interesting how these videos help capture a breadth of opinions on issues that make the headlines. These opinions range from the extreme to the apathetic, the heartbreaking to the disappointing.

Do check them out, it's worth seeing just what does Britain think on these issues.


This video on "Is Faith A Remedy For Depression" caused a response from a guy from my gap year church called Will Van Der Hart (who is now Vicar at St Peter's Church in Harrow). Will has run conferences on mental health issues as well as writing a blog on the topic and you can find his response here.

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