Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The One In Whom I Trust

I wrote a song not too long ago called "The One In Whom I Trust" it's based on Psalm 91. I wrote it while reflecting on how amazing it is to have a God who is completely faithful and trustworthy and knowing that there is nothing that is impossible for Him be it a massive life problem or a healing simple cold. Surprisingly I haven't fitted in a ridiculous amount of syllables per line so hopefully I'm getting better at writing songs. Its brilliant thinking of how it was just a thought back in September and now seeing people singing it corporately to glorify God like last Sunday. Took me quite awhile to get it finished but I'm really happy with how it sounds now.

The One In Whom I Trust

Verse 1:
I will dwell in the shelter of the most high
I will rest in the shadow of my Saviour
He will be my portion
Ever present help in need

Verse 2:
I will sing of my refuge and my fortress
I will call on the source of my salvation
He has never failed me
He will not forsake my soul

I will say of my God
You are more than enough for me
The One in whom I trust
I will say of my God
You are more than enough for me
The One in whom I trust

Verse 3:
Though the darkness seeks to overwhelm me
On this rock I will stand and not be shaken
Jesus He is stronger
All my faith is found in Him

Love was crucified to save
Hope conquered the grave
Nothing is impossible for You

copyright Josh John 2009 Reading Family Church


  1. Hi Josh

    I am Mathew - your uncle ( your father's brother in Singapore !)

    I like the song you wrote.

    Could you send a copy of the song to me ( MP3 )at

    In Him, For Him, For Evermore

  2. loved this song today in church ty

  3. Hi Josh
    This song comes to my mind every once in a while and it really encourages me and all the more because its not been written by a celebrity gospel singer (although it sounds like it has) but by Josh from RFC. God bless. Pete.