Monday, 10 May 2010

A brief sidestep...

A brief detour away from the topic of healing

One of my fave bands at the moment - Rend Collective Experiment, (whose album is great and worth checking out on the old spotify) have done the quite impressive feat of performing Chris Tomlin's track "How Great is Our God" by simply using iphone instrument applications.. for those who are thinking it's going to be a bit rubbish I hope you are suitably impressed by just how good a sound the band manage to get...

Kingsway released this quote about the video

"Gimmicky? Well, here’s the weird thing: it isn’t. Once you get over the initial smiles that arise from the first shots, you see more clearly what’s going on: this is not about the phones, but it’s all about the worship. Unlocked, unchained and using whatever tools there are at hand to reflect back to God a little of his greatness."

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