Friday, 9 September 2011

"Mixy mix mix time"

Yesterday Grae, Jess Del Rio and myself sat down and listened to mixes for what seemed like a very long time, making subtle tweaks,  played around with intro/exits and amused my strong desire to "reverse delay" everything.

So where we're at is, listening to the mixes on repeat... constantly... and hopefully catch things that don't sound right as well as thinking of any other changes we might need to make. The artwork will shortly be commissioned and be ready, fingers crossed, by next week. Mastering will take place next week as well, if we stay on plan, and then production the following week. We also have a potential bonus addition if we can figure it out...

It's been amazing hearing these songs that we sing on a Sunday translated into recordings and we hope that these songs may benefit other churches. We do feel we have something different to bring compared to songs being written by other church, so 7 Reading Family Church home written songs coming your way, very soon...

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