Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Grace (Jesus Author Perfecter of Faith)

So i have a few songs on the go which are in the unfortunate limbo position (i.e. frustratingly close to being finished but can't figure out as few lines)...

One such song is this one called "Grace" or "Jesus author perfecter of faith. I started writing it possibly last year after looking at the passage Hebs 12:2. I then started to incorporate the idea of adoption and how because of what Jesus has done we can now enter into God's family. Pete Coggan helped me shape a great tune for the chorus though unfortunately i still can't figure out a second half to the chorus... there are some other frustrating lines and i've pondered trying to write a simply Trinitarian tag... but so far my efforts haven't resulted in a finished song... anyways here are the lyrics i have so far...
Jesus Author Perfecter of Faith/Grace 

Verse 1:
Jesus author perfecter of faith
You have lifted me from the grave
By Your spirit I’m found in You
Now my soul will sing Your praise

By no merit or work could I boast
Simply Jesus and your great worth
My salvation secure in you
Now my soul will sing Your praise


Grace has freed me
Grace now leads me
To the open arms of my Father 

Verse 2:
Was a sinner and far from you
Yet you chose me, (maybe: said I am yours or “You are mine”)
Irresistible grace you showed
Caused my soul to sing Your praise

Now this orphan’s a child of God
And my sonship forever stands
For my Saviour has called me home
Caused my soul to sing Your praise

Bridge ???

So hopefully with a bit of prayer, inspiration, some elbow grease and a lot of thinking i may get this song finished and hopefully it'll get a play at RFC at some point in the future! I'll share some of the "other songs in waiting" soon

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