Friday, 5 August 2011

We Are Yours - Forerunner

My good mate Pete has done it again... He's written this cracking tune called "We Are Yours". It's a song that talks about freedom, how we've been adopted into God's family and the chorus swells at the end to the very shout able "WE ARE YOURS..." I remember when he first played it to me and it sounded brilliant then, but the recording of it is top notch... The boys definitely have some talent up their sleeves. I believe it may have been played at Newday this year and will be interesting to see how it was done there. Do give it a listen, i can't wait to download it soon... 


  1. I listened to this. I like the arrangement. Feeling musically inspired by Pete's writing! Thanks for sharing Josh.

  2. It was played at Newday, It rocked!! 6000 YP singing "We are Yours" to God was amazing!