Friday, 29 July 2011

Continued progress

Weds was my first day doing some vocal recording with Claire. While singing on a sunday meeting feels quite natural now, standing in in front of a mic and with headphones on in an empty room is quite a different experience. You feel quite exposed and every little mistake made is quite evident (and there were quite a few mistakes on my side!). It was though great fun  trying out new things with harmonies etc... and just trying to give character to tracks through melodies. The songs are now starting to take real shape and i can't wait to hear them all filled out with vocals.

All is progressing well with the CD, we're finishing off the lead vocals and harmonies in the coming days and then adding in the vocal group to beef up a few parts of the songs. Below are 2 video clips if you're interested that may whet your appetite of what it's beginning to sound like... don't judge the songs by my phone's poor recording quality though!

More updates coming soon!

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