Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Announcement: Download EP

We released our first CD not too long ago and it was great getting the team to push themselves with arrangements. It was brilliant see the results of people's hard work and while it was fantastic having an end product seeing how the project developed the musicians was priceless.

 We've were recently approached by a guy on the music team who has access to a music studio, who said we could record a few songs if we wanted. We jumped at the chance and so on Saturday 3rd March we will be heading over to oxford to record a few songs we haven't yet recorded.

Last time we layered each section with each part being recorded individually but due to it being recorded on one day we are recording everything pretty at the same time, which will create a slightly different feel. We've used synths in a way we haven't before and so that has added a new texture to our sound.  The guys and girls who will be recording have been hard at work practising over the past few week and we're excited by how the songs have taken shape.

The songs will be:
1.O For A Thousand Tongues
3. if we have enough time a version of sorts of "Your Child" (tbc)

We won't be producing a CD this time, instead we'll post it up on

 Looking forward to sharing what we've done with you all

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