Friday, 25 February 2011

Community & Church... a solution = church social network?

So we all know that in the last few years, social networks have radically changed the world (for the better or worse is up for debate...). The rise of facebook/twitter/etc has meant churches have had to jump onto the social network band wagon or perhaps miss out on a easy/obvious way of connecting with its members.

Similarly as churches have grown, we are seeing the problem of how to build community within churches becoming a bigger one. Most people would agree that what gets people to stay is thriving community and feeling part of something quickly...

And so because of the rise of social networks and the need for authentic community, we're seeing the development of the idea of church specific social networks.

Here are 2 examples

The Table Project - Introduction from The Table Project on Vimeo.

It's interesting to see how these companies are linking the idea of community and social networks and saying that this can be the solution that church leaders are looking for. I find it really intriguing that the first video identifies that social networks are about "me" and broadcasting who I am, and trying to ensure this doesn't happen with "the table project."

In 10 years time will we see churches having church specific networks as a norm? Or will this simply fall down as it fails to replicate authentic community... I don't know the answer, but it will be interesting to see what happens

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