Friday, 18 February 2011

Ten Lessons From Great Christians

Andrew Wilson has written a great little post on "Ten Lessons From Great Christians". I love little nuggets like these that help us see our awesome God in a clearer way...

Here's one to whet your appetite...

Lesson 4 John Calvin (16th Century)
God is sovereign over all, including our suffering. Calvin was not only a great Church Reformer, but he wrote the only systematic theology to come out of the Protestant Reformation:  The Institutes of the Christian Religion. The lesson of God’s sovereignty is far from being uniquely Calvinist, since it was emphasized by Augustine and Luther and many other great Christian theologians.  But for various reasons it is most commonly associated with Calvin, perhaps partly because he articulated this point as clearly and eloquently as anyone.  In any case, it is a teaching plainly taught in Scripture, most clearly in such passages as Psalm 139, James 1:2-4, and Romans 8:28.

Read the rest of them here

While you're there do check out the Theology Matters Website, it's a fantastic resource.
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