Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Erasing Hell...

So it seems Francis Chan will be wading into the Hell debate with his own book. A nice controversial title and a little promo video to accompany. I really enjoy Francis Chan's stuff and his humility shines constantly through his books/videos/talks. I like a lot of the points he makes about this whole hell conversation and looking forward to purchasing the book when it come out in July.

Check out the video and see what you make of what he says...

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  1. Wow, Josh John's Blog... really? That's crazy. I just wrote a blog yesterday morning and I'm getting more hits than usual... that caused me to wonder why and if there weren't many blogs on this topic... so I searched and found your blog and wondered how there could be two blogs titled so similarly. But now I see it just happened. Too funny.... here's a link to my blog from yesterday about Erasing Hell - I read it Tuesday night.