Thursday, 26 May 2011

Smart Phones on the mind...

So at the weekend Claire (my fiancee) signed up to a new contract with 3 and got a shiny new HTC Desire S in return. Now not only is she better looking, of higher "cool" standing and more talented than me, she now is more technologically advanced than me...

The world of phones has changed massively recently, and where we once were gasping at the fact that phones had colour (remember how blown away you were by this), we now expect them to do everything from emails, tell us where we are, entertain us, be a substitute for our debit cards (about to be introduced), take brilliant photos and many other things.

The world wants us to believe that these things will change our lives completely and fulfil our wildest dreams. I'm not sure they will but i do like the idea of getting emails on the go and playing a bit of Angry Birds during long journeys... (as well as a variety of more pious reasons).

Matt Giles (writer of "The Grace Of My God") has written an interesting blog on the topic and given reasons why he's given up his iphone. You can read it here

I like John Piper's idea of the Bible App arresting our focus on our smartphones... hopefully that'll happen with me if I get a smartphone... You can read Piper's thoughts here

All in all i guess with most things, a smartphone is a neutral thing that can be a good thing but without self control can quickly be a God thing too. Hopefully if i get one it won't become one for me!

oh and p.s.  if i do get one and I start to do that classic "not listen properly to conversation as i'm starring at my smartphone and flicking randomly" then you have permission to tell me off good and proper!

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