Friday, 17 April 2009

Fallen star

It's always a bit sad to see someone talented throw away their career, unfortunately this is very true about a certain Joaquin Phoenix. Now anyone whose watched his performances in Walk the Line or Gladiator will most likely agree that here is a man who definitely on his day is up there with the best of actors. Mr Phoenix recently announced his retirement from his actor career to take up a career in music. Those of us who watched Walk the Line would assume that he would follow this vein of music. But ooohhhhh nooooo, he announced he would be taking up a career in rap and hip hop. Which has lead to this...

further investigation on youtube and you'll find him falling over rather spectacularly on stage after this "rap" but i thought the video above is bad enough. He would later be interviewed on the Letterman show

all i can say is i hope that this is either a big joke, or he snaps out of this soon!

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