Friday, 3 April 2009


Though i imagine there are few actually interested, here is a song which hopefully will be complete sooooooon (well it's complete in my mind though we'll see what others say!) been working on it for a bit and it seems to have come together nicely... lets see what people think!

Working title: RESCUED

Verse 1:
When I needed a saviour
In the depth of my sin You came for me,
Lead me out of the darkness
Your arm was not too short to save
When I needed redemption
Jesus You showed that love it knows no bounds
Lavish grace now my refuge
Your arm is not too short to save

I’m rescued
I’m found
You paid the price that I might live
I thank You Jesus my rescuer
It’s finished
You won
Death’s conquered through Your precious blood
I thank You Jesus my rescuer

Verse 2:
On the cross You were broken
Yet Your victory was there for all to see
The Father’s plan were accomplished
You were more than enough for me
Even death could not hold You
From the grave You were raised to heaven’s throne
My triumphant redeemer
You are more than enough for me

All I once held dear
I count it all as loss
For the sake of knowing You my King,
All the world holds dear
It never could compare
To the joy of being Yours my God,

copyright Josh John


  1. nice one josh! i wonder what it sounds like.

  2. Great words! Do you have a recording?

    By the way, the past tense of lead is "led" (line three of verse 1).