Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Humble pie experiences 1 + 2 (and will be a continuous series...)

At the beginning of my FP year I felt really challenged to seek after humility in a greater way than I had before. I tasked myself with reading CJ Mahaney's book "Humility: True Greatness" and then try to take small steps in this journey. It's been amazing seeing how when you decide to take a new path, how quickly you're challenged on that issue and you suddenly see if you can put your money where your mouth is...

So I thought I would share 2 "Humble pie" experiences and will endeavour to blogging about them when they come, as I think it's good to share stories and secondly cause laughing at yourself is a brilliant way to keep yourself humble... Anyway you may not find them funny or particularly insightful but here's the start of the series...

So it was my first slot at leading worship since I had begun my FP year. I was excited, raring to go and had planned to perfection (in my mind). I was confident that I had done all that I had needed to do and therefore the meeting was going to be a success (music wise). I had however picked up a cold/man flu but that wasn't going to take me down, and for some reason i believed the solution was some night nurse tablets. For those of you that don't know what night nurse is, it primarily used to help those who are struggling to sleep due to sickness, but i believed my body would be able to handle any side effects... the next morning showed i could not... my thought process were one step behind what they should be and this affected everything... I ended up breaking a string, struggled to remember what I had planned to say, slurred words, and played through 1/2 a song in the wrong key to everyone else in the band... one of the elders would later suggest that I not lead in the evening as i was clearly that much "not with it". It was a massively humbling experience, though I can now look back on it and laugh (while also being able to suggest any worship leader to not take night nurse the day before leading).

At a recent training block, during a meaty bit of theology, I saw at the edge of my vision one of my fellow FPers doodling as the talk went on, I thought to myself "clearly not able to concentrate on this brilliant topic like myself"... in a few mins time as a browsed twitter on my phone i realised how quickly i'd fallen into the trap of hypocrisy and pride. Big "Doh!" moment...

I'm glad I have a God abounding in grace for all situations, who uses me despite my many shorting comings! It's a good journey I'm on and I'm happy I have my Saviour with me every step of the way.

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