Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Humble pie/soup experiences 3

So I wasn't expecting to have to blog again on my newly started series but I guess I said I would update as soon as they happened...

So it was a normal weds lunchtime, I was looking forward to my delicious Goa Carnival Covenant garden soup. I like my soup to be extremely hot rather than timidly warm. Being the last to get my food ready I wandered over to our lunchtime seated area and placed the bowl in my lap... it was hot... extremely hot... i reacted by moving it backwards leading to the bowl tipping over into my lap in front of everyone... as i slowly walked towards the nearest toilet with soup essentially everywhere and muffled/loud laughter following me, I realised that it's just another experience to learn to laugh at myself, be thankful that God likes to keep me humble because he loves me, and that next time to carry hot soup on a tray...

I later scored 2 own goals in quick succession at table football... i think it's going to be a long day...


  1. I found the trail of soup leading to the gents very funny ;o)

  2. Soups a pretty safe choice all in all tho Josh, it'll keep the Green machine content with your fruit and veg intake!