Friday, 4 March 2011

Spurgeon on prayer

I've just finished reading a little book by PJ Smyth called "The World Needs More Elders..." It was a brilliant read and I came across this quote from Spurgeon on prayer

"If we were not constrained to pray, I question whether we could even live as Christians. If God's mercies came to us unasked, they would not be half as useful as they are now when they have to be sought for. Now we get a double blessing - the blessing in the obtaining and the blessing in the seeking. To pray is to bathe in a cool swirling steam to escape the summer sun.  To pray is to mount on the eagle's wings above the cloud and get into clear heaven where God dwells. To pray is to enter the treasure house of God. To pray is grasp heaven in one's arms, to embrace deity with one's soul, and to feel one's body made a temple of the Holy Spirit. To pray is cast our burdens, to tear away our rags, to be filled with spiritual vigour, to reach the highest point of Christian health."

It's funny how I often I fall into the trap of making prayer in my head such a small thing and forget what an amazing blessing it is that I can talk to my Father in an intimate way and best of all He listens! I love the language Spurgeon uses to paint a big picture of prayer. Hopefully that quote inspires you in the same way it did for me!

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