Friday, 18 March 2011

"Hymns that Last..."

I came across this interesting article in Christianity Today about "Hymns that last" and compiled the Hymns that can be found in all major published hymnals across the denominations. Interestingly there's quite a few classics which seem to have not made the cut... Amazing grace, And Can It Be, Praise My soul, etc... I guess it was a slightly different way of compiling the data rather than simply a poll.

As a church we sing I think we sing 2 off this list (Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty & When I survey), though do correct me if i'm wrong, but I sure many within the church would love some of these to be played on the sunday. As a songwriter, I can't even imagine writing a song and then have that song played hundred of years later, with people still connecting with the words, and yet these giants of songwriting have managed it (some more than once)! Timeless truths with brilliant music, what a combination! There are fair few on there that I don't know but I'm looking forward to spending a bit of time to learn them!

Check out the full article here & the pdf of the list here

Do you have a favourite hymn? Is there a hymn you've been aching to sing on sunday? Do comment and let me know! It's always great hearing what hymns stir people in worship and why...

P.S the BBC Radio Solent did a more common way of finding out what was the top hymn and complied their list here hopefully you'll see your favourite hymn there!

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